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    Oil rigs, Ferries, ice breakers, LNG carriers, cruiser and other vessels depend on DC backup system to supply their essential and sensitive safety equipments. Harsh operating conditions dictate special attention to be invested into preventing corrosion and vibration effects from affecting long term reliability and durability of the equipment.

    Applications: switchgear tripping, metering, relaying, instrumentation and emergency lighting


    In salty air, anchoring and fasteners lose carrying capacity. Conductance of current carrying devices will be reduced and material becomes brittle causing high temperature operation leading to fire hazards. The following precautions are implemented:


    Stainless steel hardware and compatible metals

    Heavy duty paint;

    Lock nuts and/or lock washers;

    Tin plated and high conductivity electrolytic grade copper;

    Ground fault alarms for floating applications;

    Fire retardant and Halogen-free plastics into current carrying components ;

    Conformal coated PCBs;

    Cabinet inside and all components are front access;

    Anchoring holes or weldable bottom for improved cabinet stability


    Safety and EMC standards:


    Additionally to UL and CSA safety standards, the P4500M are ABS approved and complies with the following EMC to reduce interference with other sensitive equipment.

    Immunity tests and levels were from EN 61000-6-2.

    EN 61000-4-4, "EMC Part 4-4: Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity Test

    EN 61000-4-5, "EMC Part 4-5: Surge Immunity Test

    EN 61000-4-6, "EMC Part 4-6: Immunity to Conducted Disturbances, Induced by Radio-Frequency Fields

    EN 61000-4-8, "EMC Part 4-8: Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test

    EN 61000-4-11, "EMC Part 4-11: Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions and Voltage Variations Immunity Tests


    Optional adders:


    Battery continuity test feature;

    Anti-condensation heaters;

    Redundant inputs;

    Marine grade stainless steel  or aluminum;

    Vibration dampers;

    Sealed devices  to prevent salt sedimentation getting into breakers and relays contacts raising operating temperature and causing failure;

    Locking device for 90° open doors for increased safety to operators;

    Flame-retardant properties battery jars and covers;

    Ventilation covers and drip shields to prevent splashing water or rain up to 90° from vertical and higher IP protection;

    Reduced depth and custom cabinets



    Optional configurations:


    DC system with built-in inverters, batteries and distribution can be efficiently integrated into a single enclosure to optimize valuable floor space.

    Networking capabilities



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