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    P4500: Utility-type chargers

    In today’s world, Utilities are facing a whole new array of challenges. These challenges are budgetary, operational, regulatory and even professional. In order to help deal with this situation Primax technologies has developed a charger that can:


    Reduce your long term cost of ownership


    Increase battery life


    Reduce your maintenance expenditure by automating some maintenance functions


    Increase your system’s reliability


    With the P4500 you get:


    -Proven reliability


    - Reduced interaction time with the P4500’s digital display.


    -Battery monitoring and testing functions that will help you control your maintenance budget and increase your system’s reliability.


    -Access to the charger’s Log which will keep up to 250 downloadable events.


    -Better control over your system with over 25 monitoring points and alarms.


    -The possibility to cut back on unnecessary visits to the substation because of our communication card. Available in either: Modbus, Modbus over Ethernet, DNP3 or IEC61850


    -The possibility to match your battery to one of our multiple charge modes, this will help increase performance and expected life.


    - Reduced spares inventory because of our single control card.




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