• Product Description

    AC UPS/Inverters


    Auxiliary AC power in substations can be nicely performed by Sharing the existing S/S battery, an integrated inverter can be the answer.

    1 phase and 3 phase inverters can be fitted in the charger enclosure to make a compact AC and DC UPS design.

    Unlike computer back up environment, where UPS operate from regular 1 phase and 3 phase lines, Industrial UPS for process and control can operate from 3 phase supplies to provide 1 phase loads or vise-versa.

    Rely on our integrated UPS to protect AC loads in industrial harsh environments. whether it's a deep offshore rig, power generation station, petrochemical plant or a mining operation, our UPS will meet the most stringent specs to provide reliability for your industrial process and safety for the users.

    Small AC and DC distribution panels, integrated battery and dual chargers are few of the interesting options we can include in our equipment.


    Key Benefits


     -Lower your maintenance by sharing the same reliable station battery;

     -Lower your installation costs by having our packaged solution;

     -Optimize your valuable footprint with our integrated package;

     -Improve your personnel safety by having all connections including battery behind closed cabinet doors


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